Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Looking for "Into the Sun"

Myself and my family fitted out a 34' UFO hull in the late seventies and named it "Into The Sun".

It was quite distinctive - White hull with a red stripe, a sun was painted on the stern by a friend of the family.

My parents sold the boat on some years ago now and have owned several others since.

We'd love to find out what has become of the boat if anyone has seen it anywhere or knows of it's whereabouts.

I can try to post some photos if that would help.

Please assist in our quest if at all possible.

Best regards


Posted by Nick Taylor to UFONEWS at 8/24/2004 09:10:53 AM


Anonymous said...

We used to own this beautiful Yacht and are trying to trace it. Have you ever seen it?

Regards Peggy and John Graham-Taylor

Anonymous said...

'Into the Sun was based at Holyhead in Anglesey for a long time in the 80's/90's. I guess she disappeared into the sun..

Anonymous said...

We bought a yacht called Freeway, which was formerly named Into the Sum in Cumbria in 1999. When we bought her she had been owned by two college lecturers who used to take her for extended cruises every year. We sailed her down to the Exe in Devon in 2002 and she is still very happy crusing the West Country and North France.