Tuesday, August 03, 2010

For Sale
UFO34 Racer / Cruiser

2010 RFBYC Div 2 Club Champion , Winner Westender Race, Winner Mariners (1/2 ton) Cup, 2009 FSC Winter Div 2Chanpion.

Large inventory of racing & cruising sales, #2, 3, 4, main & two spinnakers, storm sails, cruising #1 & 2, cruising spinnaker.

Full Cat 3 Offshore Safety gear, including masthead VHF, EPIRB, flares, OS rated life jackets, harnesses, jack lines, 1st aid kit, emergency equipment.

Stainless steel freshwater tanks, SS fuel tank (75L), Yanmar 15HP diesel. Full hull osmosis job in 2005. Well maintained, slipped annually (Last slip May 2010).

But wait – There’s more!!! Electric toilet with SS holding tank. Twin batteries with 12V system. Sleeps up to 8. Depth sounder & log. 20 life jackets for river twilights. Metho stove. Icebox. Radio/CD player.

This is the boat that just keeps on giving!

We have her going at 98% of her potential, there is still a little room for an enthusiastic new owner to improve. She has a great fun & social reputation, from ocean races to river twilights, and cruises up & down the West Australian coast.

Contact Bryan Thurstan on 0409 113 539

Or visit: http://olfrygt-racing.blogspot.com/ or http://groups.google.com.au/group/olfrygt

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hi Adrian,

You asked me "a first hand account" of the drama during the Fastnet of '79 with the Sandettie,...
Jan Krijgsman, first owner of her is back from holiday and contacted me. I spoke about your query and he certainly will contact you.(I gave your mail adress)
Today, he did it and put me in "CC", perhaps you are in holiday ...? Anyway, contact is made.

Read you,
kind regards.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

All change at Renegade Syndicate

The Renegade Syndicate, which has been in existence in one form or another, for more than 20 years, has reformed following 5 resignations at the last AGM.

Dennis, who has been a member for 12 years and has sailed Renegade from The Hebrides to Southern Spain, has lead the hunt for new members. His efforts have been rewarded and a new syndicate is born today.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Secure your cockpit lockers when at sea, but don't use the padlock.

Have you read Jean Van der Linden's account of Sandettie's near swamping during the 1979 Fastnet Race?
On Renegade we keep the liferaft, a spare anchor or two, the outboard motor, mop, boathook and countless other bits of boating necessaries (junk) in the port side cockpit locker, which is accessed by lifting the hinged lid that forms the port side seat. This lid can be fastened with a hasp catch and locked with a padlock if necessary. We do this when Renegade is left unattended to prevent theft of the valuable items mentioned above. At sea we take off the padlock.
But, when Sandette was rolled over during the Fastnet Race, the locker lid openned and the boat was partially swamped. So, something is needed to keep the lid closed, but not the padlock!

Sandettie's saga and other news from Jean Van der Linden

Hi Adrian,
I went for one week to Port Saint Louis near Marseille to work on the newly buyed Sandettie, cleaning, sorting out the contents, measuring, looking to make her single handed and taking notes…

My quest for info about her past brought me to the discovery of interesting things and contacts with different people, all very enthusiast to help or to speak about rememberings, and there are some important ones !

Herewith some details and if some one of you know more or can correct, don’t hesitate to mail me.

First of all, Adrian, can you please convert the boats name in the owners list into Sandettie, without the digit ”2” ?
Indeed, Jan Krijgsman, a Ducht guy ordered this boat as first owner and named her like this, as all his boats received the same name. Now he just sold his Swan and went over to a motor boat to enjoy a long trip on the French rivers, he is over the 70 springs !

Jan did the Fastnet with Sandettie, crewed with 5 french guys, and had a very hard time like all boats in that event …
45 miles from the rock, they were rolled over, the port cockpithatch opening upside down, cubes of seawater gets in, exploding the doghouse wall and filling the Sandettie nearly to the height of the chart table, the mast was broken and two guys injured but every body still on board and alife!!

The two spi-poles and a staysail were used to build up a emergency rigging and they headed to Lands End where a fisher boat towed them to Penzance.

Loïc Le Boulaire, one of the 6 on board, planning to buy a sailing boat decided touching land that it will be an UFO 34 and bought the UFORUS in Scotland !

And here some surprise :
This boat is still on the owners list but… rest, broken on the Floor of the Gulf of Biscay… after a encounte with a bigger vessel !! The owner to whom Loïc sold her was rescued after this accident but seems that this was not his First (near)encounter on sea !

The Sandettie was re-rigged and repaired fully (I think by Landamores ?? to be confirmed) and Jan sold her in ’82 to Dr. Bouilland of Lorient who is now 88. He told me enthusiastic that he sailed her in many races with his sons before selling her again to a certain Georges Michelin in ‘85.

Mr Michelin called her AUGUSTA and sailed 15 nice years from Groix island for fun and some races (Nantes – Setubal ’89 – 10th of 40 into 40 Knots winds). He let her in 1999 to X-Yacht when buying a X-412 he still owns.

After that, the Sandettie was sold by X-Yachts to Captain De Mik (2000 ?))from who I bought her, he sailed in 2002 from Brest to Marseille where she stays up to now, dry sinse +/- 5 years.

That’s her story, I contacted the ’97 crew and will get some documents and pictures of her, including one taken from a heli or plane after the roll over…
You understand I am sure why I want to keep origial her name.

Three questions :
- Can some one tell me where to find the hull number, I did’nt succeed in that…
- All info about vane experience on the UFO 34 is welcome (with brand name)
- Do some body know if Colvic used powder bounded CSM (chop srand mat) or emulsion bounded mat ?
Further I sent a mail to Landamores to fid out if they can find some more traces of the Sandettie story.

I wish to thank here Hubert Terentiew ( Culebra 3) and Erik Kiekens (Dr No) Chris Tsirikidis (Meander), Richard Kemp, Luc Bool (Anda), and others for theyr kind help or hospitality, as well as all of those who mailed (or will mail) me with info.

That’s for now, to be continued !
Best regards to all of you and
“Bon vent” or have a nice sail in English…

Jean Van der Linden Oostvaartdijk

Friday, April 30, 2010


Hi There,

Firstly I would like register a UFO 34 with you.
Yacht Name:Shadow
Owner: Simon Morgan
Home Port: Barry/Barry Yacht Club

Also looking for some advice re spinnaker setup. Shadow is equipped with a babystay and has a slide and spinnaker car on the mast. Due to the babystay we can't do a dip pole jibe so we end-to-end. This can be a bit of a handful when there's any significant amount of wind about and is really a two man job.We're thinking of going to a 2 pole setup and wonder whether anybody has done this themselves and can offer any advice.Would also be interested to hear how other people setup the jockey pole. We clip to ring on side of mast then tie to shroud, should we also be limiting upward movement perhaps tie to toerail???Any advice would be appreciated.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Olfrygt Wins the ½ Ton Cup 10th April 2010

Olfrygt Wins the ½ Ton Cup 10th April 2010

The ½ ton cup is held each year by Claremont & Hillarys Yacht clubs. It consist of 2 offshore races. The 1st race is from Fremantle up to Hillarys (Mariners Cup for Div 1and the ½ ton cup for Div 2). The race back on Sunday is the Shepherdess Cup.

The events date back to the early 1970’s, and were inaugurated by Alan Bond. He needed to have a yachting regatta to qualify for sending a 12m challenge to Rhode Island. This eventually led to him winning the Cup in 1983.

But Saturday was our moment of glory, and

we were somewhat weary on Sunday.

We also beat all the Div 1 boats on IRC.

Hughie was not kind for the return race, and we could not win the double.

Best Regards
Olfrygt RF184

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good Evening All!

Here is the premier you’ve been waiting for! Roll out the red carpet, stack the limos, & watch for a wardrobe malfunction!

“Olfrygt at Geographe Bay Race Week 2010” is now premiering on Youtube. The directors cut ran for 22 mins, so I’ve edited it into a 3 part mini-series.

Some just see blurred video, muffled sound & drunken sailors; but true genious is apparaent in the seamless editing!

Enjoy :-) :-) :-)

Jean buys Sandette ll and seeks information

Hi Adrian,

I am glad to tell that I would like to join the UFO owners, my search is completed bythe buy of former “Sandettie 2”.“Maria Simone” on the papers since 14/02/2007, but never sailed under that name.This 1976 build UFO 34 is fitted by Landamores and is in general good shape.She is standing dry in Marseilles since a a year of five, I will refit it for a long time sail in the Mediteranean and plan to go West (singlehanded mainly) after that. Am 62 now and stopping to work as soon as possible!

The Sandettie 2 seems to be imported to France from the Netherlands as former “Augusta” in ’81 (22th of june - bought by a certain mr Michelin ??) and renamed as “Sandetie 2”.Willem de Mik, (from which I bought it) and his wife bought it in the early 2000th.That’s all known for the moment, perhaps there where other owners in between…? I have to find out.

I want to re-rig it completely, (info welcome) seems that the Sandettie 2 has been dismasted once, the actual mast, supposed a new one, is in very good shape.The engine is a Wortham Blake BMC based and as I worked for Leyland Truck & Bus, I am glad to meet this brand again !If UFO fans could give some extra info, I will appreciate it a lot, all documents have been withhold (read stolen) by a brooker ( see http://ufo34news.blogspot.com/2007/02/ufo-34-for-sale-formerly-sandettie-2.html ) Willem overhanded a case with documents and history, Europe Yachting kept them !!!If you can help me with copys of UFO document, drawnings, or whatever delivered with each ship, I would be very happy. My address is here under.Week 15, I go by car to pick up sails and other bits and pieces, clean the deck and take some notes and measurements to order a vane. Do someone know where to find the serial or hull number of the boat ? Do some one of you has some info about delivery details of the new UFO’s in the good old days or is there some data that could be investigated ?A lot of questions… hope that some answers can help me in my search…As soon as the new name is selected, I let you know for the list.Many thanks in forehand and kind regards.Read you, JeanJean Van der LindenOostvaartdijk 38B 2830 Klein Willebroek (between Antwerp and Brussels)Belgium+ 32 475 31 95

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Refit for Spider - information required

Spider is owned by Mick and Sandra Austin and is currently residing in the yard at our factory in Wollongong NSW Australia where she is having a serious refit. Could use some info on changing out the keel bolts and rudder bearing replacements.

Mick can be contaced via the UFO 34 List at http://www.ufonews.inglenook-winster.co.uk/UFO34_list.htm

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Olfrygt at Geographe Bay Race Week Feb 2010

Olfrygt at Geographe Bay Race Week Feb 2010

Olfrygt made the voyage down to Geographe Bay race week, some 100 miles south of Perth. It is by far the biggest yachting regatta in WA (~115 yachts), and the place to be seen for any serious racer. The huge regatta is always held in the last week of February. It is hosted by Geographe Bay Yacht Club, just east of Busselton, and on the doorstep of the famous Margaret river wine growing & surfing country!

Race divisions cover the top end IRC, through to YAH, premier cruising, JAM, sports boats & multi hulls.

We raced in IRC. The competition is full-on. We came a very respectable 8th overall, including two 3rd places – Not bad for an old displacement boat up against modern designs!. Racing is a combination of windward-leeward courses, and passage races (We hate the reaching courses!). The social scene & camaraderie after the days racing is spectacular.

Watch out for next years event! :-)

Olfrygt RF184

Monday, January 25, 2010

Olfrygt wins the Algal Bloom Race Sat 16 jan 2010

The Algal Bloom race is an annual event held on Gage Roads, near Fremantle (Perth WA). It was initiated 10 yeas ago when unseasonal rain, heavy nutrient loads & warm weather turned the Swan River into a huge “Algal Bloom”. The river was closed for 2 weeks to all activities for health reasons. So the river based yacht clubs banded together & held a race on the ocean instead! A pleasant 18kts breeze, 4-5’ seas, 30deg temperature – Wouldn’t you all love to be here!