Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wheel steering

Hello Adrian,
I am looking for replacement parts for steering gear on my UFO 34. The problem is that I don’t know what kind of steering system she has, and I am not able to find any information on the steering gear. I suppose it is Whitlock. Would you like to look at the photos and recognize what kind of steering gear I have.
Do you think is it possible to order any replacement parts for my old steering gear ?
Best Regards
Sorry Hubert I know nothing about wheel steering. Perhaps one of our readers will add a comment.

Olfrygt signs on

Afternoon All,I recently discovered this website & blog, and will spend some time sifting through all of it.My busines partner & I are based in Perth, Western Australia, and bought a UFO34 nearly 3 years ago. It was in sad shape, and we spent way too much (as always!) getting her back in tip-top shape.She is now called "Olfrygt" (Google it for a laugh), sail number RF184, based out of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club. Off course we have a million & one stories about her refit, and the various racing & cruising adventures we have had since then.The UFO34 was a very poluar boat here in Perth from the 70's to 80's - I know a few dozen here at least. Most were built locally under licence, or finished in peoples front yards.I'm not sure if you have a regular Perth contact, but I'd be happy to feed you all the local UFO34 news, as well as the many stories we have to tell.All the best for 2008!!Bryan ! Thurstan