Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tony wants a UFO

Hi, I'm looking for a UFO 34 to buy. Anyone know of one? If so please call Tony on 07961 880 520.

Yes Tony. Jackpot is for sale, but she's in Madeira. Still it would be an interesting trip back home. You can get her owner Filipe's email address from UFO List at

Sunday, September 28, 2008

UFO 31 keel bolt mystery

Sorry to but in on a UFO34 site but I am trying to get some info on my UFO31. Does anybody know if Holman & Pye are still trading as I have telephoned several times without success. Alternatively does anybody know if the keel bolts on the 31 have galleries in the keel to enable withdrawal without dropping the keel.Enjoy sailing your 34's they are great boats!!Regards Terry k

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Celebration becomes Foo Fighter

Hello Adrian,We have just bought Celebration from Dougie Arnold.We have renamed her Foo Fighter and her home port is Rye.Your excellent website convinced us that we were making the right decision to go for a UFO. The delivery trip from Portland to Rye last weekend was a good shakedown and proved what a quality yacht the UFO 34 is.RegardsTim Barr-SmithEric Zon

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Brandybottle competes in RTYC Triangle race

RTYC Triangle race 2008Hi everyone.Good to see the site is still being updated. Brandybottle took part in the Royal Torbay Yacht Club Triangle race this year, first time for me but not sure if she has done it before with Roger and Rudi. We did not do too bad on our first outing with a 2nd in class for leg 1. 6th for leg 2 and 4th for leg 3. Sadly we did not manage to get amongst the proper prizes but there's always next time. The wind conditions where lively across the Celtic sea following a windless start in Torbay hard on the wind with 30 kts plus towards Kinsale. The fore stay bottle screw gave up about 17 nm from kinsale but fortunately we keep a spare and after a short stint on the foredeck John, my crew managed to replace it. Kinsale to Tregieur was another bashing with the winds in the high 20's again but Brandybottle looked after us well. Tregieur to Torbay was shaping up for more of the same with neither John or myself looking forward to another session of walking around the backs of the seats but as we left the winds dropped to around 22-25 kts allowing us to free off the wind a bit and pick up some speed.All told another good outing for the boat and myself. Will be fitting a wind vane for the next race though - Cant be doing with this hand steering game.Good sailingPaddy.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

First wedding aboard UFO 34?

I have been just on a cruise in Stockholm islands on my UFO. Next week I am going to Oslo through Gotta Chanel and Goteborg. I am planning to get married to my girl on 21 of July in Oslo harbor. The wedding is planned on my UFO. I think it will be first weeding on the deck of UFO 34.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Olfrygt flies the kite

Bryan Thurstan from Perth has sent these photos. Doesn't Olfrygt look great, but where did she come in the race?

Sunday, June 01, 2008


I have just come across your site whilst writing a report for 'Freeway's' new owner Malcolm Wildman.Malcolm is not an internet user but I will inform him about your site and encourage him to join.'Freeway' UFO 34 has recently been purchased and is being restored at Retreat Boatyard, Topsham. She is generally in poor condition but her new owner is enthusiastic and has several sons to help him.I help run the Hurley Owners Association. As I'm sure you know Hurley Marine moulded several prototypes for the design of the UFO 31, 34 and SHE 31 and SHE 36.Colvic Craft produced the mouldings after that. I recently helped set up the SHE Owners Association. SHE were Hurley agents in the Solent.The Hurley designer Ian Anderson designed the Colvic Countess range and was apprenticed to Jack Holman of Uphams boatyard, Brixham. Jack started Marine Glass who moulded lots of Holman and Pye designs. Kim Holman was of course Jack Holman's brother.I am regular contact with John Holman (nephew) who owns Darthaven boatyard, Kingswear.If you need to contact Malcolm please let me know. I have several friends with UFO 31' Vass B,Sc B,Ed HND MIIMS YDSA Marine SurveyorOmega Yacht Services 07702

Monday, April 28, 2008


Dear Adrian,
I would like to prepare spinaker gear. Do you have any photo of your boat under spinaker ? It would help me, because it will be my first trip under spinaker, and I have many doubts..
Another request concerns my engine. I have Thornycroft 90 (Leyland 15P/785A/D25 no 1691). I don't know which fuel filter and oil filter are suitable. Could you help me and tell me what kind of fuel and oil filter I should buy. The same concerns belt tensions (for alternator and water pump).
GreetingsHubert Terentiew

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pico. Highest UFO 34?

I would like, if you agree, to add my boat to the UFO 34 list.
Her name is PICO, Colvic moulding 1979, completed by Harry King, Pin Mill, Chelmondiston(River Orwell).
After spending 5 years in British and French Britany waters, cruising Nederland, Chanel, Britany, Atlantic Coast, Scilly, Ireland, Scotland, etc.,she is now lying in Geneva - Switzerland and she will be happy to meet others Ufo 34 owners passing through.
Ernest Pittet 35, Platières. CH-1219 Aïre-Geneva

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Ray Jackson has been restoring Kon-Tiki for the past three years and is planning to launch her this year. He's based near Preston in north west England. Ray and his wife intend to explore the Irish Sea before heading for the Hebrides.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Florida UFO for sale

Hi. If anyone is looking for a really inexpensive UFO34 I've got one in Florida I need to part with. It's only $10,000 US. Call me at (754) 244-8404 or email me at Thanks. Fair Breezes!

The boat needs alot of work and someone with some skills. Hence the price.I have lots of other gear for this boat. Dodger, bimini, propane stove, anchors, rode, etc.

I also have professonally designed boat lettering waiting to be affixed. The main is triple reef and in very good shape. There are two jibs, one new the other in very good condition, both hank ons.

Randall Carlton

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wheel steering

Hello Adrian,
I am looking for replacement parts for steering gear on my UFO 34. The problem is that I don’t know what kind of steering system she has, and I am not able to find any information on the steering gear. I suppose it is Whitlock. Would you like to look at the photos and recognize what kind of steering gear I have.
Do you think is it possible to order any replacement parts for my old steering gear ?
Best Regards
Sorry Hubert I know nothing about wheel steering. Perhaps one of our readers will add a comment.

Olfrygt signs on

Afternoon All,I recently discovered this website & blog, and will spend some time sifting through all of it.My busines partner & I are based in Perth, Western Australia, and bought a UFO34 nearly 3 years ago. It was in sad shape, and we spent way too much (as always!) getting her back in tip-top shape.She is now called "Olfrygt" (Google it for a laugh), sail number RF184, based out of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club. Off course we have a million & one stories about her refit, and the various racing & cruising adventures we have had since then.The UFO34 was a very poluar boat here in Perth from the 70's to 80's - I know a few dozen here at least. Most were built locally under licence, or finished in peoples front yards.I'm not sure if you have a regular Perth contact, but I'd be happy to feed you all the local UFO34 news, as well as the many stories we have to tell.All the best for 2008!!Bryan ! Thurstan