Friday, August 13, 2004


Dear UFO 34 Sailors,


Now you can post your news directly where everyone can see it. Send in your tall tales of the sea, which your families have heard too many times before; we are waiting for them.


You can send photos too.




(Renegade Syndicate)


Anonymous said...

Myself and my family fitted out a 34' UFO hull in the late seventies and named it "Into The Sun".

It was quite distinctive - White hull with a red stripe, a sun was painted on the stern by a friend of the family.

My parents sold the boat on some years ago now and have owned several others since.

We'd love to find out what has become of the boat if anyone has seen it anywhere or knows of it's whereabouts.

I can try to post some photos if that would help.

Please assist in our quest if at all possible.

Best regards

Nick Taylor

Anonymous said...

If anyone would like any info on UFO's, the design, history or info on any particular individual yachts, , esp the 34 and 27, please contact me via here as I have known and followed most of them over the years and have owned 2 UFOs and sailed on a great many.
Regards to all owners of interplanetery craft..
Andy Morris