Friday, June 10, 2005

UFO 34 polo shirts now available

The first batch will be (unfitted) shirts in royal blue or white with white or blue embroidery, made by “Fruit of the Loom” and are 65% polyester and 35% cotton 220/230 gms per sq.m, available in the following sizes (approx chest in inches [multiply by 2.54 for cms]: S (36), M (38), L (40), XL (42/44), 2XL (46/48).

These shirts have three buttons, knitted cuffs and no side vents (see example above).

Your boat's name and the UFO 34 logo (see the example above) will be embroidered on the left breast.

The cost of each finished shirt will be £10.00 inc vat.

An alternative fitted polo shirt only in white with blue embroidery (style, but not colour, illustrated above) is also available for £10.00 inc vat.

I emphasise that these are the manufacturer’s prices including vat.

For cost of postage and packing see comments below.

If you want your crew to look smart dress them in UFO 34 shirts from


Adrian said...

Here are the prices of UFO 34 polo shirts in Royal blue or white with UFO 34 logo and your boat's name embroidered in contrasting colour. Fitted or unfitted are the same price of £10.00 inc vat.

postage and packing, per shirt will be:

1 £1.80
2 £3.60
3 £5.13
4 £5.47

1 £3.39
2 £5.38
3 £7.39
4 £9.49

1 £5.29
2 £9.09
3 £12.76
4 £16.36

All prices are in sterling and include v.a.t. at 17.5%.

Adrian said...

For payment by cheque in other currencies please add £5.00 (bank charge)and multiply by commercial exchange rate.
At present Aus 2.40, Euro 1.45, Krone (Dk) 10.9