Friday, December 30, 2005

Prospective owners want your advice

We have been looking at one of the UFOs on the market just now.  Oddly, she has no anchor locker, bow roller or anchor!  Seems strange to us and we wondered if this is the case with all UFOs.  What does yours have? 


We'd also be very interested in how you have found her sailing ability.  One of the reviewers on the net seemed to suggest she has some nasty downwind habits - but we haven't heard that from anyone else and they may just be referring to the tendency to roll or possibly broach in some conditions that some boats of that era have. 


We are interested in a reasonably fast yacht , but one that is seaworthy and capable of sailing to windward well.  We have been looking at the Sadler 32 and Sparkman and Stephen 34 as well but we were impressed with the UFO.

Grateful to hear any views you might like to give us as owners sailing one (as opposed to selling one)!.


best wishes

Si and Fiona Harrison


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