Monday, November 20, 2006

Boarding ladder

Has anyone solved this difficult problem? What sort of ladder is best for climbing onto a UFO 34 from the water when you have been for a swim either voluntarily or by accident?


On Renegade we have tried a rigid metal one, which hooked over the toe rail (difficult to stow when not in use) and a rope ladder with plastic rungs, which stowed OK, but the rungs are narrow and hurt bare feet.




Anonymous said...

I have a fixed ladder on the transom and use the top of the rudder as a foothold to lever myself up, it does get harder to do year on year though!

Anonymous said...

By the way, about this ladder, or = how to get back on board =:

usually I tow my ( small ) zodiac on a line fixed at a certain height on the back stay. This serves as a sort of safety, just in case.
If you fall over board, just get into the zodiac and pull yourself with the line ( not too thin in order to have an easy grip ) to the stern of the boat, and you can step on board easily, without any effort.

In case of swimming I rig the zodiac against the stern in such a way, that it cannot move sideways either.

All other systems I tried were worthless ( especially ladders ).

With best regards,

captain Willem J. de Mik