Friday, December 15, 2006

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The Renegaders website has had 3608 visitors in the past year.


Anonymous said...


I'm currently crewing on "Reflections", a UFO 34 based in Perth, Western Australia

I am looking for plans or drawings of the UFO 34, in an attempt to put together a gift for our skipper

Any ideas on where I could obtain drawings?

Adrian said...

Hi Dale, Thanks for your message. I have added Reflections to the UFO list.
You may know that Kim Holman, who designed the UFO 34, died last year. I understand that the boats built in U.K. have some differences from those built in Australia. Perhaps the Australian builders have plans?
I understand that the UFO 34 was one of the first projects of Oyster Yachts here in U.K. They may have some plans. Many of the English built boats were molded by Colvic and Landamores in Norfolk.
Alternatively you could try some of the owners. There are links to some of them at
Good luck and success with Reflections.