Saturday, March 03, 2007

EUPHO's new owner wants to trace a leak

Hi there my name is Roy Sampson. I have just bought Eupho from Greg Richards. Perhaps you could register me. I'm moving her to the Solent.
Have you any experience of the sea cocks leaking or the stern gland. I'm trying to trace a small leak into the bilges.


Unknown said...

Is the water fresh (taste)? If so suspect the mast leaking from masthead fittings. Happens all the time on our UFO34 "Kerry Maid"

Adrian said...

Dear P Hammerton,
I'll put Kerry Maid on the UFO 34 List if that's alright with you.

Unknown said...

Happy to have Kerry Maid added to the list. Currently berthed at Troon - cruising the W coast of Scotland annually. Should be re-homed to Oban shortly. Joint owners: Phil Hamerton & Alison Rennie.