Monday, April 02, 2007

Charlie seeks Hydrovane

Hi, just found this site. I see there is mention of Hydrovane being for sale. I've emailed the owner re its whereabouts as I'm interested in a UFO 34 and live in Glasgow. He hasn't replied yet. Anybody know this boat or where it is lying?charlie


Unknown said...

Dear Charlie,

Hydrovane used to be kept at Kip but this may have changed. We last saw her in Loch Drumbuie a couple of years ago - a fine pair of UFOs! We have sailed Kerry Maid in company with her a couple of times when she's been sailed by the Curries - one of the previous syndicate which owned her.

If you do find her she's a well-fitted out & well-maintained example.

Good luck!

Phil & Alison

Anonymous said...

Dear Charlie,
last autumn I contacted Mr. Don Miller because I was looking for UFO 34. I was decided to buy Hydrovane. At the same moment I found UFO 34 in The Netherlands and it was easier for me to visit The Netherlands than UK, so I bought UFO from The Netherlands.
I have some information about Hydrovane including photos and telephone number of Mr. Don Miller. If you are still interested please contact me ( and I will try to help you. As I know Mr. Don Miller was going to take the boat to CLYDE. She was built in 1978.
Best regards
Hubert Terentiew