Sunday, April 08, 2007

True Venturer

On one of my intermittent trawls of the internet for references to our sort of UFO I found True Venturer. She's for sale and located at Kip Marina on the Clyde. (That's Scotland, for the UFO diaspora.) I have added her to the UFO 34 List. If you have any more information please attach a comment to this post.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian, Just thought I might update you on True Venturer that was in Kip Marina. A friend Brian O'Neill, from BallyHenry Yacht Club (Based in Portaferry, N.Ireland) bought her last weekend. Both Brian & myself worked the guts of a week on her to make sure she was seaworthy, & sailed her back to Portaferry Marina on Sunday & Monday in late May. We had a good passage across the Irish Sea,couldn't have asked for better seas. Pity there wasn't much wind going across, but you can't win them all. Needs a lot of work done to the interior, mast & teak decks among other things, but I'm sure Brian will have her restored to her former glory in a seson or two. She was sittin' out of the water for four years, due to the previous owners lack of interest. Fascinator, another UFO 34 is also in Strangford Lough, although I'm not sure the name of the owner (although he bought her in the winter of last year.)He is thinking of renaming her "Cuan Venturer" but isn't to sure yet.If you want to contact Brian, his e-mail address is or through the Ballyhenry Yacht Club.
Posted By Stephen