Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Osmosis query from Luc Bool

Hello Renegaders and congratulations on your 30th birthday. Hope for a long and fit life. That is the reason for this comment as well...Today I found out that our Anda, born in '75, has osmosis... I was wondering what other experiences there are among other ufo's with this problem. Did anyone have a treatment?


Unknown said...

"Kerry Maid" had some small osmotic blisters when we bought her but, once we started taking her out of the water for the winter, these seem to have stopped getting any worse. Does Anda stay in the water all year round? We understood that Colvic hulls were reckoned to be pretty good and not likely to suffer seriously from osmosis. For other reasons we've now had to re-do the entire hull with a long drying out and a new 2-pack paint job - we'll see what happens!

Phil Hamerton & Alison Rennie

barryg said...

I wish you luck. Our UFO (Tarraleah)
built in Fremantle Western Australia developed the "lurgy" some years ago and has been getting progressively worse. The boat was launched in 1979. We do not need to lift our boats out for extended periods in Australia and I will probably sell the boat with the osmosis on the assumption that to have it all cut out will cost more than what the purchaser will reduce my asking price by. We'll see. Perhaps you can help me by showing me how I can post a question to this group, the question being related to my current DIY re-rigging of her.

barryg said...

I posted a comment yesterday but it has not appeared on "UFO news" as far as I can see.
Tarraleah is a UFO34 built in Freemantle Western Australia in 1979. It has a bad dose of the dreaded disease and I have been procrastinating having it fixed over the years. They say all GRP get it in the end. Mine is particulary bad on the port side of the hull for some reason, probably laying down the glass in humid conditions. AS I mentioned in my (1st) comment to the group I probably will sell the boat down the track and accommodate the lower price working on the premise that the amount lost will be not as much as selling an old boat with a repaired hull. We'll see.

Adrian said...

Sorry, Barryg, I've been sailing and neglecting my internet duties. I check all the comments etc before they appear on the blog. If you attach your rigging queries as a comment to any posting I can list it with its own headline.
Before I prevented comments without moderation, the blog was the target for spam. In addition, you can send me your email address, which I can keep on my private database. It will not appear on the blog. Then you can send me your photos and I can publish them.