Sunday, September 30, 2007

Alan wants advice about UFOs

I am looking for a boat to sail longish distances when I retire in a few years. I am attracted to a UFO 34 and would like advice on:In general how suitable is it for single handed sailing (with self steering gear) for someone 60+ (by then)?In particular; the boat I looked at has a rivetted section a third of the way up the mast where two sections join. Is this normal or is it likely to be a repair to a damaged mast?Thanks in anticipation - it's great to have some where to ask these Questions?Alan


Adrian said...

Hello Alan, We use Aries self steering on Renegade, which works well sometimes. My main concern about the UFO 34 for single handed sailing is the size of the genoa. I don't know whether anyone has tried a cutter rig.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan.
I sail brandybottle single and short handed and find her a dream to sail. As with any boat prior planning and good seamanship is the key. Reefing the head sail in plenty of time does make life a lot easier and fitting a stack pack on the main keeps the bag under control and stops the temptation to dance around the cabin roof in a gale. Excellent sea boat and a good turn of speed.