Sunday, June 01, 2008


I have just come across your site whilst writing a report for 'Freeway's' new owner Malcolm Wildman.Malcolm is not an internet user but I will inform him about your site and encourage him to join.'Freeway' UFO 34 has recently been purchased and is being restored at Retreat Boatyard, Topsham. She is generally in poor condition but her new owner is enthusiastic and has several sons to help him.I help run the Hurley Owners Association. As I'm sure you know Hurley Marine moulded several prototypes for the design of the UFO 31, 34 and SHE 31 and SHE 36.Colvic Craft produced the mouldings after that. I recently helped set up the SHE Owners Association. SHE were Hurley agents in the Solent.The Hurley designer Ian Anderson designed the Colvic Countess range and was apprenticed to Jack Holman of Uphams boatyard, Brixham. Jack started Marine Glass who moulded lots of Holman and Pye designs. Kim Holman was of course Jack Holman's brother.I am regular contact with John Holman (nephew) who owns Darthaven boatyard, Kingswear.If you need to contact Malcolm please let me know. I have several friends with UFO 31' Vass B,Sc B,Ed HND MIIMS YDSA Marine SurveyorOmega Yacht Services 07702

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brandybottle said...

Good luck with Freeway. Might see you in the yard sometime.