Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Brandybottle competes in RTYC Triangle race

RTYC Triangle race 2008Hi everyone.Good to see the site is still being updated. Brandybottle took part in the Royal Torbay Yacht Club Triangle race this year, first time for me but not sure if she has done it before with Roger and Rudi. We did not do too bad on our first outing with a 2nd in class for leg 1. 6th for leg 2 and 4th for leg 3. Sadly we did not manage to get amongst the proper prizes but there's always next time. The wind conditions where lively across the Celtic sea following a windless start in Torbay hard on the wind with 30 kts plus towards Kinsale. The fore stay bottle screw gave up about 17 nm from kinsale but fortunately we keep a spare and after a short stint on the foredeck John, my crew managed to replace it. Kinsale to Tregieur was another bashing with the winds in the high 20's again but Brandybottle looked after us well. Tregieur to Torbay was shaping up for more of the same with neither John or myself looking forward to another session of walking around the backs of the seats but as we left the winds dropped to around 22-25 kts allowing us to free off the wind a bit and pick up some speed.All told another good outing for the boat and myself. Will be fitting a wind vane for the next race though - Cant be doing with this hand steering game.Good sailingPaddy.

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