Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tony wants a UFO

Hi, I'm looking for a UFO 34 to buy. Anyone know of one? If so please call Tony on 07961 880 520.

Yes Tony. Jackpot is for sale, but she's in Madeira. Still it would be an interesting trip back home. You can get her owner Filipe's email address from UFO List at


Unknown said...

I am just planning to buy :
So, please to dissuade me from this mud concept…

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Welcome to the UFO 34 family. What is the boat's name? Is it on the UFO 34 list at For your information these are the problems we have had with Renegade over the past 10 years: Rudder attachments to rudder post failed. Mast foot suffered electrolytic damage. Treadmaster wearing through. We have replaced mast with one from Z-Spars. S/S fuel tank replaced. P bracket attachment had to be repaired ( give it a firm shake to test it). We have also found that the original 2 battery 12v system is inadequate for chart plotter, fridge, radar, so we will be upgrading soon. Attach your email address to any post. I will not publish it on the blog for fear of spammers.