Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rambalara gets new sails for Christmas

Hope you can assist, I'm needing basic rig dimensions for UF034, I,J,E,P values so as to get new sails made...any one know where this information is located please.We own Rumbalara, email is rogerf.murphy@gmail.com. Mostly used in around Pittwater, Sydney and coastal cruising and having lots of fun. thanks Roger


Adrian said...

Hi Roger,
I don't have these values, but I'm sure that the bigger sailmakers will have access to these data. When we have had sails made for Renegade, the sailmaker has wanted to make measurements himself.
Jeckells, our local sailmaker, would probably know these dimensions. With sterling so weak you might get a good deal for your Ausi$ in UK, so I will copy this to Chris Jeckells.

Unknown said...

Here you'll find the measurements. Can't gaurantee they're correct...

Hope it helps!

Jean said...

Adrian, Roger,
First, my best wishes to you and all members,a good health, no problems and...enjoy sailing in 2010 !

Got some figures in my rearch of a UFO and send a copy herewith,an IOR measurement, not much differences with Mads file.

Best regards, Jean