Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Renegade shares for sale

As some of you will know, Renegade (UFO 34, based near Ipswich) is owned by a syndicate. There are currently 8 shares.
Changes are afoot in the Renegade Syndicate and one share has been put up for sale. http://www.yours2share.com/cgi-bin/mojoClassified.cgi?id=8199&action=view&type=ad

For more information about Renegade and joining the syndicate please attach a comment to this post.


Unknown said...


Hope you can assist, I'm needing basic rig dimensions for UF034, I,J,E,P values so as to get new sails made...any one know where this information is located please.
We own Rumbalara, email is rogerf.murphy@gmail.com.
Mostly used in around Pittwater, Sydney and coastal cruising and having lots of fun. thanks Roger

Adrian said...

Hi Roger,
I don't have these values, but I'm sure that the bigger sailmakers will have access to these data. When we have had sails made for Renegade, the sailmaker has wanted to make measurements himself.
Jeckells, our local sailmaker, would probably know these dimensions. With sterling so weak you might get a good deal for your Ausi$ in UK, so I will copy this to Chris Jeckells.

Adrian said...

See comments from Mads attached to a later post

Regards, Adrian