Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jean buys Sandette ll and seeks information

Hi Adrian,

I am glad to tell that I would like to join the UFO owners, my search is completed bythe buy of former “Sandettie 2”.“Maria Simone” on the papers since 14/02/2007, but never sailed under that name.This 1976 build UFO 34 is fitted by Landamores and is in general good shape.She is standing dry in Marseilles since a a year of five, I will refit it for a long time sail in the Mediteranean and plan to go West (singlehanded mainly) after that. Am 62 now and stopping to work as soon as possible!

The Sandettie 2 seems to be imported to France from the Netherlands as former “Augusta” in ’81 (22th of june - bought by a certain mr Michelin ??) and renamed as “Sandetie 2”.Willem de Mik, (from which I bought it) and his wife bought it in the early 2000th.That’s all known for the moment, perhaps there where other owners in between…? I have to find out.

I want to re-rig it completely, (info welcome) seems that the Sandettie 2 has been dismasted once, the actual mast, supposed a new one, is in very good shape.The engine is a Wortham Blake BMC based and as I worked for Leyland Truck & Bus, I am glad to meet this brand again !If UFO fans could give some extra info, I will appreciate it a lot, all documents have been withhold (read stolen) by a brooker ( see ) Willem overhanded a case with documents and history, Europe Yachting kept them !!!If you can help me with copys of UFO document, drawnings, or whatever delivered with each ship, I would be very happy. My address is here under.Week 15, I go by car to pick up sails and other bits and pieces, clean the deck and take some notes and measurements to order a vane. Do someone know where to find the serial or hull number of the boat ? Do some one of you has some info about delivery details of the new UFO’s in the good old days or is there some data that could be investigated ?A lot of questions… hope that some answers can help me in my search…As soon as the new name is selected, I let you know for the list.Many thanks in forehand and kind regards.Read you, JeanJean Van der LindenOostvaartdijk 38B 2830 Klein Willebroek (between Antwerp and Brussels)Belgium+ 32 475 31 95

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