Friday, April 30, 2010


Hi There,

Firstly I would like register a UFO 34 with you.
Yacht Name:Shadow
Owner: Simon Morgan
Home Port: Barry/Barry Yacht Club

Also looking for some advice re spinnaker setup. Shadow is equipped with a babystay and has a slide and spinnaker car on the mast. Due to the babystay we can't do a dip pole jibe so we end-to-end. This can be a bit of a handful when there's any significant amount of wind about and is really a two man job.We're thinking of going to a 2 pole setup and wonder whether anybody has done this themselves and can offer any advice.Would also be interested to hear how other people setup the jockey pole. We clip to ring on side of mast then tie to shroud, should we also be limiting upward movement perhaps tie to toerail???Any advice would be appreciated.

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Adrian said...

Welcome Shadow.

Renegade has two spinnaker poles and two cups on the mast.