Friday, April 15, 2011

Spare needed

Good day everybody,

I would like to find two stanchions like the one on my SANDETTIE, could one of you help me to get some ?
I also sent a mail to Anthony Landamore with the same question but no answer yet.

The SANDETTIE is still in Port Saint Louis, where I go every two month to work on, new perpex windows were fitted, led lightning installed, water & pumps systems renewed...
Fridge compressor is planned and now, working on the fitting of an innerstay for a high aspect jib and stormsail if necessary. All to the cockpit is the main target to improve singlehanded sailing.
29th of may to 6th of june is booked with Ryanair !

Thanks to all and enjoy the comming season.
Bon vent à tous !

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Adrian said...

Hi Jean,

I think we had a problem finding stanchion feet like these for Renegade and ended up with a different style.