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FW: UFO 34 - Foxclouds K 4143

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I have just found your website on the internet. Our family boat is a UFO 34
Foxclouds and she is based in Plymouth usually on the moorings just inside
Mountbatten Breakwater.

The boat has sailed us extensively around the South West (including the
Isles of Scilly) and over to both Northern and Southern Brittany with our
three children Oliver (17), Rebecca (15) & Hannah (10) for the past 7 or 8

She used to belong to my wife's father (Paul Harrison) and he had her based
on the River Weaver (up the Manchester Ship Canal) in the winter and then
in Holyhead for Spring and Autumn. During the Summer she sailed around the
Western Isles of Scotland and was based in Kerrera Sound near Oban.

We have just started to race her again here in Plymouth Sound but our
skills need some improvement to better last place (but we have a lot of

Sally's brothers John and Simon (Harrison) have also taken the boat in
Scotland and on a couple of trips to Ireland for Cork Week. They have
performed rather better than we have.

This year (2004) John took his family and friends along the South West
Coast to the Isles of Scilly (one of our favourites) and back via Fowey and

I work at sea and would be happy to talk to other
owners or prospective owners.

Thank you for managing the web site. It was great to come across it tonight
while bouncing up and down in the North Sea.

Kindest Regards

Andy Brown
Cable Lay and Diving Support Vessel. Discovery

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