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Where are they now?



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Hi, I used to own a UFO 34, a great boat, called 'Myfoe', now at Glasson Dock, Lancaster and owned by Richard Brakewell.

Other 34's around are.


'Elidir' -Holyhead

'Freeway'-Was Barrow-in-furness, now Brixham, recently sold

'Heatwave' Falmouth/Restronguet

'Sunrunner'- was Port Dinorwic, now possibly Pwhelli

'Hard Seed' Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria

'Knight Templar'- was at Fleetwood

'Hula Hoop' Fleetwood

'Branwen of allaw'-Holyhead, now not known where now

'Renegade' Blackpool & Fleetwod YC 1980's, I'm still in touch with original owner

'Bellerephon' Ipswich, Foxe's

'Brandy Bottle'- River Exe


I have many more that I am tryong to extract from memory,  Iwill let you know!


early ones after the original prototype, were built by Ardleigh plastics, and did not have the Holman & Pye 'stripe' on the hull. 1975-1978/9. Later ones were moulded by Colvic, with a stripe and most had treadmaster decks. All had either a Yanmar YSE 12 HP, or a British Leyland big 35HP Diesel.Sme moulds were sold to a company called hazelwood Yachts and were fitted out as Hazelwood 34, with an extra window in the coach roof and a seperate aft cabin and u shaped saloon and table, although these versions are exceedingly rare.

I still know the whereabouts of an uncompleted hull, although it has no deck, and a rather ugly high wooden homebuilt superstructure!!


If you'd like any more info on these boats or want to ask me anything, please do. I also owned a UFO 27. There were fleets of both 27's and 34's at Holyhead in the 80's and many people here have experience of sailing them.



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Anonymous said...

I have just noticed on this site, reference to a Hazelwood cruising version of the UFO 34 - are there any more specifics available - what are the differences etc

many thanks

Richard Brabazon - UFO " Not Negotiable "