Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Check your backstay chainplates

Note the "backstay chainplate which was reinforced and bolted to the outside of the transom.(it was the backstay chainplate mounting under the aft deck that failed when the rig was lost) ( the boat was Landamores built)" says Andy Morris
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Anonymous said...

The backstay attatchement failed due to rot under the aft deck, something to watch for. The old owner had weathered a full blown hurricane at sea off the east coast of the US some years ago and the only damage then was a bent steering wheel, although he admitted that his son and his friend were certain that they would die at sea, the boat made it through and they ended up finding a buoy at sea after the storm and following it up a river to find a small settelment on the sea, they had to ask where they were as they had no idea, having not been able to take a sight for days and before GPS!

Adrian said...

Check your shroud chainplates too.
About 5 years ago I found that the machine screw joining the underside of the port chainplate to the tension rod had come out causing the deck to lift. We had to take out some of the interior joinery to get access. Then pulled the chainplate down with a tackle and replaced the screw.