Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mel's looking for a UFO 34

I am looking for help and information and wondered if you could help.. I am currently looking to buy a yacht and saw Ackray at Hartlepool.. I am now interested in Ufo 34 to buy..

Information I am looking for is:

Do you know of anymore for sale , Ackray is expensive and I need others to compare.. To see why its so special.

Is there any difference with the Hazelwood built ones ?

Do UFOs sail ok if you fit them with furling headsail..

And any where else I can get information about UFO and what to look for when buying one .

Good and bad as to what to look for when buying.

I tried to get on the Renegade blog but don't understand it yet ... will get there in the end ..

Thanks ...Mel Tomlinson


Anonymous said...

regarding to the post of Mel Tomlinson I hope I will be able to help him.

I bought UFO 34 one month ago in the Netherlands.
Before I did it I had found some other UFO 34 for sale. For example “Hydrovane” (owner Donald Miller e-mail: and “Eupho” (owner Greg Richards e-mail: Maybe they are still valid.
I don’t know the price of Ackray, but I am afraid that for UFO 34 in really excellent conditions in Europe you must pay 39 000 Euro.
Hubert Terentiew

Anonymous said...

I have tried to use the Renegade site to return Huberts comments but again was unable to navigate the blog successfully. I am going to paste reply here or at least try..

Thanks, Hubert I did know of " Hydrovane " and " Eupho ".
The reason I questioned the price of Ackray was because its advertised as first class but there is no list of anything being done. Standing rigging and most other things are as original. It is priced at just over 37,000 Euro.
I am still interested and anymore comments are welcome.

Thanks Hubert and thanks Adrian for passing it on.

Anonymous said...


I have a UFO 34 for sale, she is a later (1980) model with wheel steering but is in almost original condition, fitted out by Landamores and kept in the Exe (deep water mooring) with a winter berth in the Exe canal.

Anonymous said...

Brandy Bottle and Freeway (formerly Into the Sun) have moorings on the Exe. Could this be either?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the one for sale is Freeway she and Brandy Bottle are both on the pontoon at Turf Lock. It's Freeway for sale.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just found this site. I see there is mention of Hydrovane being for sale. I've emailed the owner re its whereabouts as I'm interested in a UFO 34 and live n Glasgow. He hasn't replied yet. Anybody know this boat or where it is lying?

Adrian said...

Hi Charlie, Sorry I can't answer your questions, but it's good to meet someone else with fond feelings for Byres Road. Judging by your photos it's changed a lot since it was the scene of a near riot in 1968, when the first cauliflower in Glasgow was displayed for sale.

Anonymous said...

Adrian - oh Byres Road is now so sophisticated, they sell sweet potato and even broccoli! It's a great place to live, Glasgow's West End, but there's still the occasional bout of fisticuffs on a Friday/saturday night down Ashton Lane.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am looking for a UFO 34 and I live in Cornwall Can you tell me if freeway on the exe is still for sale?

Adrian said...

Hi, See June 08 entry about Freeway and UFO 34 List at