Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kerry Maid enlists

Phil Hamerton and Alison Rennie's Kerry Maid is currently at Troon on The Firth of Clyde and shortly to return to Oban. Phil reports that their regular cruising ground is the West Coast of Scotland; where better?
The Renegaders have an enduring love for the west coast and every year when we discuss our cruising plans, there are votes in favour of a return to Scotland. Renegade was last there in 1999 and is booked to return in 2008, but it can be a long slog up the east coast from our home port of Ipswich. What about a 2008 UFO 34 rally in Oban, Tobermory or somewhere else on the west coast, Phil?

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Unknown said...

Dear Adrian,

Sounds like an excellent idea! Why not tie it up with West Highland Week and show what a group of UFOs can achieve?

On another UFO topic, does anyone have any experience of additional ballast being added to stiffen up a UFO34? Kerry Maid had about 1/2 ton of lead added at the top of the keel by her builder & first owner, Archie McCallum. We've had to remove it for maintenance work and are seriously wondering whether she should need it. Anyone got any advice?