Sunday, February 10, 2008

Florida UFO for sale

Hi. If anyone is looking for a really inexpensive UFO34 I've got one in Florida I need to part with. It's only $10,000 US. Call me at (754) 244-8404 or email me at Thanks. Fair Breezes!

The boat needs alot of work and someone with some skills. Hence the price.I have lots of other gear for this boat. Dodger, bimini, propane stove, anchors, rode, etc.

I also have professonally designed boat lettering waiting to be affixed. The main is triple reef and in very good shape. There are two jibs, one new the other in very good condition, both hank ons.

Randall Carlton


Anonymous said...

More: Engine-Perkins parama 30 hp diesel, with approx. 600 hours. I moved the boat in November and used the engine for 24 hours straight with no problems. The boat has a tiller, a tapered aluminium mast, lewmar winches (I believe the geneoa winches are 3 speed 45's).

Anonymous said...

Details: Owned since 1998 but have had little time for it. I regret to say that my neglect has made little projects major ones. My plans to rebuild the interior stopped with my taking out the old interior and leaving the interior bare. On the positive side it means you have your choice of layouts.