Monday, April 28, 2008


Dear Adrian,
I would like to prepare spinaker gear. Do you have any photo of your boat under spinaker ? It would help me, because it will be my first trip under spinaker, and I have many doubts..
Another request concerns my engine. I have Thornycroft 90 (Leyland 15P/785A/D25 no 1691). I don't know which fuel filter and oil filter are suitable. Could you help me and tell me what kind of fuel and oil filter I should buy. The same concerns belt tensions (for alternator and water pump).
GreetingsHubert Terentiew

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Olfrgyt said...

Hubert - We have plenty of shots of our UFO "Olfrygt" racing with kite up - Adrian posted some. :et me know if you would like some more.

Best rgds,