Tuesday, July 01, 2008

First wedding aboard UFO 34?

I have been just on a cruise in Stockholm islands on my UFO. Next week I am going to Oslo through Gotta Chanel and Goteborg. I am planning to get married to my girl on 21 of July in Oslo harbor. The wedding is planned on my UFO. I think it will be first weeding on the deck of UFO 34.


brandybottle said...

I have been trying to leave a message on the site for some time but seem to only have succeeded in creating a separate blog site. any clues

Adrian said...

Just do what you did with this message. Add a comment to any message. It comes to me for moderation before it is published. I will either publish it as a comment or as a new heading if appropriate. I reject spam and mailings unrelated to sailing etc.


Adrian said...

OK Hubert, Where are the wedding photos! UFO News must have the pictures.

wineproof said...

well....we married in 1989, this year 20 years ago and arrived at the scenery on deck of our Ufo 34, the 'Anda'! We also sailed of again in married form that is :-)
Just last weekend we stayed again in the lovely small town of Willemstad and to our surprise another Ufo 34, Ufox, moored alongside. We sailed up together next day. Ufo's United!