Sunday, September 28, 2008

UFO 31 keel bolt mystery

Sorry to but in on a UFO34 site but I am trying to get some info on my UFO31. Does anybody know if Holman & Pye are still trading as I have telephoned several times without success. Alternatively does anybody know if the keel bolts on the 31 have galleries in the keel to enable withdrawal without dropping the keel.Enjoy sailing your 34's they are great boats!!Regards Terry k


Adrian said...

Hi Terry, The UFO 34s built in England have lead encapsulated in the keel, but I understand that the Australian boats have an iron keel. I assume your boat has an iron keel. Perhaps some of the Australian UFO 34 owners know the answer.
Kim Holman sadly died a couple of years ago. I don't think that anyone has continued the business.

Terry K said...

Hi Adrian

Thanks for your fast response and sorry to hear that Kim has gone. My keel is lead and from memory when I last had her ashore there does seem to be signs of filled galleries about 4 inches down the keel in direct line with each keel bolt. I am just hoping that some-one may have info before I start probing.

Regards Terry K