Friday, August 28, 2009

Too sunny in Madeira

Filipe Assunção, skipper of Jackpot, has written from Madeira. He wants to know whether anyone has a design for a bimini, or has fitted one. In these northern latitudes any exposure to the sun is seen as a bonus, but perhaps biminis are more common in Australia, so please add a comment,or contact Filipe directly if you have bimini experience.
He also wants to fit a spray hood. Renegade's spray hood is narrower than some I have seen and we usually take it down when sailing, because it completely blocks the helmsman's view forward. Does anyone out there have a spray hood which they are happy with?


Bjorn Stoel said...

Hi Adrian,

Last weekend I got my new sprayhood installed. The old one was to old and leaking. I have a wide one which gives a lot of cover when a wave comes over or when its raining, wouldn't wanna sail without one ;) !! I've put a photo on my blog:


Bjorn (sv Tai-Pan)

iPoods said...

Hi Bjorn,

There are a few UFOs at Fremantle Sailing Club (WA) with spray dodgers. I'll grab a few photos for you. We attempted to put one on ours, but decided it fouled the cabin top winches too much.

Best rgds,

Bryan Thurstan
Olfrygt, Perth, WA.

Damien Killalea said...

I have a UFO (Close Encounters) with both a sprayhood (dodger) and a bimini.
When I used to race the boat, I'd remove the dodger (2 minutes) and fold the bimini back out of the way (30 seconds).
When only cruising, I leave both up permanently. Both have been happy in breezes up to 70 knots.
The bimini is clear of the spinaaker sheet winches, the dodger still alows me to use the cabin-top winches, though not the full arc.
Happy to send photos if you let me know where to send them.
Damien Killalea