Monday, October 12, 2009

New hatch for Dr No

Dr NO said...
Hello friends,It looks like I may have to replace the forehatch on my UFO Dr NO. The old one, original CANPA hatch, is leaking and crazed and I have not yet succeeded in removing the handles. If I should give up or destroy the hatch in my attempts, can anybody suggest a replacement?
Best regardsErikDr NO,


Hubert Terentiew said...

This spring I replaced forehatch in my UFO 34 CULEBRA III. I had old Gebo hatch and I have replaced it for Vetus hatch. It is Vetusa Libero 620x620 mm, (radius 55mm)with fan type "UFO 2". It is really good hatch.

Adrian said...

Hi Erik,
We fitted a Lewmar forehatch to Renegade several years ago and it works just fine.

keith mann said...

Hi, Elvira also requires a new forehatch. Was it difficult to fit a Vetus Libero? I guess the fixings are pretty corroded after almost 30 years. Keith