Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hey Adrian,

Here’s some great shots of us in the 2009 Fremantle harbour race. 30 yachts by invitation only, short tight windward / leeward course 20kts of breeze with yachts going every which way, all in a corridor 400m wide full of ships, power boats & other yachts! Most full on race we’ve ever done! Great viewing from along the docks!! We were the smallest, slowest yacht, starting near the front. It’s a handicap race, with the maxis starting last to mow us all down. In it’s 30 year history, I believe we were only the 2nd UFO to be invited to compete.

I don’t think there is anything like it anywhere else in the world – A major yacht race in a confined space with spectators lining every vantage point.

Bryan Thurstan


Unknown said...

Gorgeous suit of sails Bryan! Who built them for you & what materials were used?

Brian - 'Cuan Venturer'
1977 Landamores UFO34 based in Northern Ireland.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous suit of sails Bryan. Who built them for you and what materials were used?

Brian - 'Cuan Venturer', 1977 Landamores UFO34, based in Northern Ireland.

iPoods said...

Hi Brian - They were built by Paul Eldrid of evolution sails (formerly quantum) here in perth. Material is Fusion X Aramid.

floro said...

Last year I boughta yacht called SeaEagle in Sydney. Does anyone have any information on her?

floro said...

I bought a ufo a year ago in Sydney called Seaeagle. Does anyone have any history on her?

Norma Jones, Elidir said...

Is this site still up and running ?
The owner of UFO34 Elidir, Paul Dunford, has had to abandon sailing due to serious ill health and Elidir is for sale.
We, his family, are attempting to help him with this but we are not sailors,
Regards, Norma Jones