Monday, October 11, 2004

Ufo histories

Andy Morris posted this response. I have moved it here so that you can respond more easily.


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If anyone would like any info on UFO's, the design, history or info on any particular individual yachts, , esp the 34 and 27, please contact me via here as I have known and followed most of them over the years and have owned 2 UFOs and sailed on a great many.
Regards to all owners of interplanetery craft..
Andy Morris

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
What do you know about Renegade before she was bought by the current syndicate in about 1990?


Adrian said...

Hi Adrian,
came across your wonderful website this morning, great to see that there are so many people who appreciate the UFO's out there. I sail out of Cork Harbour - Republic of Ireland, there are not many UFO's in my sailing area. I was hoping that I could track down some info/history on my boat and wonder if you could put me in contact with Andy Morris who posted this attachment in 2004

Kenneth Lloyd