Sunday, January 30, 2005

Close Encounters

In my periodic search for UFO 34 references on the web I found this, which relates to the 2002 Three Peaks Race. There’s a picture too.

Team 10: Close Encounters
Design: UFO 34Division: RacingPerformance Factor = .6858Crew: Damien Killalea (2), Mt Nelson; Tim Malone (1), Kettering; Michael Hawes (0), Conningham; Mark Dawson (0), Dulwich Sth Aust; Rod Andrewartha (3) Bellerive.
A well prepared and sailed 34 footer will have a great race with the other yachts of this size. Two year ago competing in the Cruising Division Damien showed that a well sailed smaller yacht could match much bigger yachts when he finished well up in the fleet using very little of his motoring allowance.

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