Wednesday, January 26, 2005

UFO Uniform? Posted by Hello


Adrian said...

I have recently emailed to all the UFO 34 owners on my list suggesting a "uniform" polo shirt with embroidered UFO 34 logo and boat's name. Expected price about £10.72 (15.53Euro) inc VAT

Let me know your views by posting a comment.

Anonymous said...

Dear Adrian,

That's a nice idea! A sort of ' virtual united ufo sailors' , perhaps on our way to a real-time experience. In any case we will have the same outfit already. Just to comment on the details, the lettering might also be in yellow, and I was wondering if it would be an idea to involve the beautifull hull shape of the Ufo in the logo.
And I would be strongly in favour of a 100% cotton shirt.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

It might be nice to use the same style font as the original UFO? (very 1970's)


Brian Rainey

Anonymous said...

dear adrian
me and my brother in law will be interest in this material, but if you can really put in the web site some images of this will be great.
best regards
filipe assunção

Adrian said...

Dear Brian,

I agree about the lettering. Have you got a sample? The embroiderers need the full font. I thought it looked quite like Microsoft Tacoma. What was the original colour scheme for UFO 34s? I thought mid blue and white. Luc Bool has suggested yellow stitching, which can look good on blue, but I would prefer to stick with blue and white. His idea of using the hull shape is a good one and I will try to produce a design for UFO News.


Anonymous said...

Good idea the UFO clothing with logos...Agree the drying quality of the material a major consideration....all sounds good to me derek

Anonymous said...

Dear Adrian,
Suggest the 65% polyester shirts would be best as !00% cotton always gets damp.
Best regards,