Friday, January 13, 2006

Contacting UFO News and the Renegade Syndicate

Please attach a comment to this post if you would like to send a message to UFO News, or add your boat's details to the UFO List. I have deleted the old link, because it had become inundated with spam.


Anonymous said...

Hello, what a great idea having the UFO news site although it was a little hard to find i stumbled onto it more than found it
I have Just brought a UFO-34 in Mooloolaba the name of the yacht is "Shooting Star" it was built in Perth at Derben Marine i have no history on the Yacht,does anyone know about the yacht or have information on fitting Prop and rudder bush/bearings
Any information on the UFO yachts would be appreciated Thanks,regards Paul

Adrian said...

Welcome to the UFO 34 family. I have added Shooting Star to the UFO 34 list, which you will find at Keep in touch with the site and send your news.

Adrian said...

Hi Karl,

email me at


Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian

Long time since I visisted the site - looks great but I don't really understand blogs. Didi you ever get the shirts off the ground?

I finally completed the interior refit on Wanea - looks good - I'll send some photos.

I'm trying to find some UFO34 photos that I've seen before - white hull, double blue waterline and red antifoul. Currently we have the same topsides scheme but with white antifoul - I'm looking to change but can't find the photo's to get the detail. If anyone knows the pics I'm talking of, could you please email me a link. Thanks and regards

Rick Edmonds