Monday, January 09, 2006

Spinnaker size isn't everything

Happy New Year! I've been trying to find out how big the spinnaker for a UFO 34 should be. I think I heard around 120 sqm, but that sounds a bit too much...


Have you any knowledge about that?



Best regards,

 Mads, Nangijala 


Adrian said...

Our sail maker, Mike McNamara ( gave me these dimensions for a cruising chute: 13.11m and foot of 6.10m.

Crusader sails old website gave the following for a conventional spinnaker 43’ 3” x 25’ 3” That’s 13.18 m x 7.70 m. I’ve been looking out for either on eBay at “the right price” and not worn out, but all have gone for over £400 ( 600 euro).

Anonymous said...

i have a copy of Holman & Pye's specs/plans dated Feb 1975. while dimensions for all other sails are detailed, the specs for the 'regulation spinnaker' and the 'star-cut spinnaker' are 'maximum IOR to bring the rating up to 24.5' if required'.
I have two kites, but know the dimensions of neither.
Damien Killalea 'Close Encounters'